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Way back in 1972, Sh. Ram Swarup Aggarwal & Sh. Kewal Krishn commenced a firm by the name of M/s R.K. SANITATIONS with the ultimate aim to extend utmost best services to their prospective customers. Erstwhile in 1974 Sh. Ram Gopal Gupta joined this firm with noble cause of conducting this business with great honesty, simplicity and enthusiasm. To give a pace Mr. Mukesh Gupta entered this business in 1990 along with Mr. Rajesh Gupta, his younger brother. They occupied the sanitary market all over India under the brand name ARKO. Vividly in mind, that in Indian Market only Two types of products exist:- * Branded with expensiveness. (best quality with extra profit) * Low cost product which named by people local. But, there is a requirement of bath products which have good quality at reasonable rates. Under the canopy of his father Shri Ram Gopal Gupta, Mr. Mukesh Gupta started a new brand by the name CAPRI in 2005 promising innovative concept and everlasting products. Now to take it to the new heights CAPRI has become an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. I Mukesh Gupta personally assure to my customers that our company M/s R.K. SANITATIONS PVT. LTD. will always provide you the best product with creativity, innovation and the state-of-the-art at very reasonable price & in the earliest possible time with quick service. Mukesh Gupta Director (On the behalf of the entire CAPRI team)

  • 3472, Gali Bajarangbali, Chawari Bazar, - 110006
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